He is the closest spirit guide to me now.
Ever since he left this world, he has been protecting me.

D-Dad is my ex-father-in-law. His name is Lloyd Lester Brown, but his grandchildren called him D-Dad so I adopted the nickname. He passed away on May 14, 2001. I married my ex husband in 1991 so D-Dad and I were family in this world for about 10 years.

D-Dad had been a Navy Commander and after retirement, he became a history professor. When I met him he had been long retired from teaching and was living in a retired officer's community in Riverside with his wife, Lucile. My husband and I visited them every so often and we invited them to our home on holidays.

D-Dad was rather a quiet person, but when he spoke his words were full of insights and humor. He was also a person with principle and integrity. He enjoyed quiet Japanese music and creating poems and writing in general. During the Korean War, his entire family, D-Dad, Lucile, their son, Douglas and daughter, Carole lived in Japan for a few years. That is probably when he became fond of Japanese music.

The special and mysterious relationship between D-Dad and me didn't start until he became seriously frail. I had been divorced for a few years and was living in Las Vegas when I heard the news that D-Dad was sick. One day on the way to Los Angeles, I decided to visit him in the special care ward in his community. When I reached the entrace of the ward, I saw an ambulance parked in front. I was hopeing it wasn't for D-Dad, but when I got out of my car, I saw medics bringing D-Dad out of the buildint to the ambulance. Lucile was following them helplessly. I told the medics who I was and assured Lucile that I would follow them to the hospital.

At the hospital I helped Lucile register D-Dad and called Douglas and Carole about his hospitalization. Later in his hospital room I had a moment alone with him. He saw me standing next to him and said, "Thank you for remembering me." It was an unexpected comment from him. I wanted to say something sweet back to him but all I could say was something stupid like, "Oh don't be silly. Nobody forgets you."

I don't remember much of what happened after that. I may have stayed with Lucile until Carole flew down from Montana to be with her parents. I don't even remember how many months he lived after that day. But one day I happened to be in LA and received a call from Douglas that D-Dad was in critical condition. I hurried to the hospital to pay one more visit. He was unconscious but with his beloved wive and children. Some grandchildren had been there and more were coming.

I stayed with my friend in LA that evening. The next morning when I opened the car door, I found a small piece of paper on the floor by the driver's seat. I picked it up and found out that it was D-Dad's address sticker. It said, "Retired Navy Commander Lloyd L. Brown." I was wondering how the sticker got in my car. I was at the hospital but D-Dad was in ICU and there was not a single personal item in that room. Besides, every time we received a card from D-Dad it always had Lucile's name on it, too. In fact I never saw an address sticker with his name only. The next day, I received a call from Douglas that D-Dad had passed. Then I knew it was D-Dad's way of telling me that he was there to say good-bye.

Yes it was a good bye. But it was also a beginning of a new relationship. He was no longer just my father-in-law but he became my guiding spirit.

A few years after his passing, I had a strange incident. I had to do a quick video editing in Los Angeles for the convention that I was working on. It was Friday and my client was to arrive in Las Vegas on Monday. The editing was only going to take a couple of hours so I left Vegas at 5am and we started the sesson in Burbank at 10am. It was going smoothly until we got to the point when we were ready to burn a DVD. Suddenly nothing worked. We burned a DVD and played it on the deck that we were going to use at the convention. It didn't work. We burned another DVD with different format. It didn't work either. We tried a couple of more. Nothing played. The editor was tryint to figure out but could not find a reason. He was doing everything by the book. Finally at 11pm I told him that we'd come back in the morning and continue. I got myself a hotel room and stayed wondering if I could finish everything by the time client showed up.

Next morning, we checked the edited piece on the computer and after confirming that everything looked normal we burned a DVD. Strangely, it played without any problem. The same format that didn't play the night before was playing without a single glitch. We were puzzled but happy. We triple checked everything. No problem. I was relieved. We had lunch and chatted a little and I left LA around 3pm.

I was almost to the state line on I-15 when suddenly I lost control of my wheel. I thought I had a flat tire and slowly changed the lane and looked for a safe place to pull over. It was getting dark and I couldn't see the shoulder well. But before lont I saw smoke coming out of my right front. Now my tire bursted instead of just a simple flat. I immediately pulled over and shut off engine. I got out and checked the tire. It looked bad but couldn't really see well without a flashlight. I called AAA and waited for a tow truck to arrive.

I waited for about and hour and finally a tow truck arrived. I told the service man that my spare tire was under the truck. He checked the tire and told me that spare tire wouldn't do any good. I asked him why. He said, "Ma'am, your whole tire is gone. You lost the hub." He then told me that it was a miracle that I didn't get hurt at all. I was driving Ford Explorer and I was going 80mph when the hub came off. He said he didn't know how it didn't roll over.

For a few months I kept wondering what the incident was all about. And finally my phychic friend figured out who was behind it. It was D-Dad. It was inevitable for the hub problem to occur. But by delaying my editing session, he made sure it didn't happn in the middle of the Friday night LA to Vegas traffic.

D-Dad helped me go through some difficult situations without much conflicts and problems. He still watches over me and make sure I am protected. Every morning I have a quick meditation and ask D-Dad for the day's guidance. He always gives me a very clear, precise message that I need to hear that day.

On May 6, 2007, in the morning meditation D-Dad told me that he must be replaced for a while by a more powerful guide because there was something I needed to learn from the new guide. On May 7th, Magi took over and he is giving me a quick message and teaching every morning.

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