Dr. Okamoto
He announced his presence in my dream. Now he is my guide in charge of healing work.

In my dream I answered the phone. The party on the other side of the phone asked if she reached the Okamoto's. I answered, "Yes." She asked what my name was and I answered, "Shigeru." She said she was my mother's masseuse and told me that I had to bring my mother to her for treatment. She then told me that I was not doing anything. I wasn't working, nor a student. I hung up the phone thinking how rude she was.

That was how I heard the name, "Shigeru Okamoto." I had never heard of that name before, and even though I clearly was not Shigeru Okamoto, I was telling the masseuse that I was.

My psychic friend said when you hear a name in dream clearly like that, it's usually a new guide announcing his or her presence. We did our psychic work to find out who Shigeru Okamoto was.

Shigeru Okamoto was a medical doctor during the World War I. He was a Japanese military doctor and he died during the war. When he first appeared to me in my meditation, he was all white and shining brightly. He was wearing a doctor's white robe and everything else was as white as the robe except for the black rimmed eye glasses. He had a big smile on his face and I could tell by the smile that he was genuin and he cared about people and their wellness.

Here's what happens when I work with him on healing.
First in my meditative stage I call for Dr. Okamoto. He appears and he start talking to the patient who is usully sitting in the chair. When Dr. Okamoto tells the patient something, I repeat that to the patient in the physical world. When Dr. Okamoto does something to the patient, I do the same to the patient. Dr. Okamoto usually tells the patient what causes the symptom and what the patient can do to get rid of the symptom as well as the cause. Quite often he tells the patient to do something like an easy exercise everyday for a week or ten days. And he says, "Let's seel how things go." He wants the patient to participate in healing process.

According to Dr. Okamoto, healing works like this. We the healers generate the field of healed energy. It is up to the patient to be healed or not. If the patient wishes to be healed, he or she must resonate with the healed energy. The patient has to step in the energy field and bring his/her energy to the same level. Without the patient's participation, there is no healing.

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