Conversation with Mary

“Some children are interested, but they are just watching. One in two hundred adults turn his head and watch me. More children come by me and watch, but only one in ten children want to join me to assemble the pieces. One boy is now sitting down with me and work with the pieces, but he is slow. I can do this much quicker than him, but I have to be patient. I am assembling at his pace.”

Kwannon Lady:
“What do you do with the device?”

“Since no one is interested in, he and I will use it ourselves. We will keep creating more devices and keep using them ourselves. As we start using the device and create more, a few more people start showing their interest. We will keep assembling and produce more devices. Our small operation starts small, but eventually, it will cover the entire earth. Then, the earth will stay clean and beautiful.”

I decided to ask her name.
“You can call me Mary” she answered.
Then I asked her more questions.
“Are you in charge of other aspects of my life such as my relationship, my work, where to live and all those?”
“No.” It was a short, simple answer from Mary, and she continued.
“Those aspects of life are the matters that you don’t even have to worry about.”
Then she showed me a steep mountain. The summit was white radiating bright light. She held her right hand up at the summit, and said,
“This is where your soul purpose is.”
Then, with her left hand, she pointed at the foot of the mountain as she continued,
“And this is where all the matters that you just mentioned are.”
The vision of the steep mountain clearly indicated that one’s soul purpose lies on top of every other matters. The soul purpose is the ultimate and the most important issue that one has to deal with.

“Am I on the right track to get to my soul purpose?” I asked curiously.
“You were taking a detour, but now getting back toward the soul purpose.”
Her answer sort of made me at ease. At least I was getting back on the right track. She then told me something that I never expected.
“If you want to get to your soul purpose, you must focus on it. You have to look at the summit and nothing else. You must take the shortest way to get there.”

For some reason, I knew she was telling me that thinking about and dealing with any other matters, matters that my mind were usually occupied with such as relationships, work, financial and living situation, was a waste of time and energy. “Did she really mean that? How would I make money? Where would I live? What happens to my relationship?” My mind immediately started asking these humanly questions. However, her words were firm and assuring. She meant that if I focused on my soul purpose and put my best to achieve my goal, every earthly matter would be naturally taken care of. This sincere statement probably is the hardest one for us human beings to believe, but again, she confirmed the truth in the statement by saying,
“The bliss you will have when you accomplish your soul purpose is far greater than the joy you feel from ‘little matters’ down below.”
I did not doubt her words. My mind was filled with anticipation and excitement. I couldn’t wait to get to my soul purpose. She continued.
“I will not stand in front of you and lead you to your soul purpose. You will have to lead yourself. However, I will always stand behind you and support you when you miss your step. You have your soul purpose in front of you and you have me on your back.”

With this strong encouragement, my session with Mother Mary ended. I thanked her for her guidance to find my soul purpose. She turned into the ball of light at the end and left me.

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