There are urgest messages from eleven spirit guides.

In my morning meditaion on 4-28-07, my closest spirit guide, D-Dad told me that I have to attend a meeting at a set time every day. He said that it was urgent and necessary to have this meeting. I chose the most undisturbed time of the day: 7am. I will write the summary of the meeting every day.

I was wondering why I was summoned to a meeting like this. The answer was given to me by the chairperson of the meeting, Gabriel. "You have been asking to have a more firm, stronger connection to the universe. Here you have it."

4-29-07--- Introducing the meeting members
4-30-07--- Lesson about money
5-1-07---- Open your heart to see the truth
5-2-07---- Emotions and shining as yourself
5-3-07 ----Compassion and connection to nature
5-4-07---- Unexpected gifts
5-5-07---- Sending energy to the earth
5-6-07---- Energy match
5-7-07---- Thoughts become reality
5-8-09---- Signs from spirits and the history of fat
5-9-07---- Monsters of apathy and numbness
5-10-07---A symbol that represents spirit guides
5-11-07---Visit Gabriel in dreams
5-12-07---Control your energy
5-13-07---Universe workers
5-14-07---Life in the spirit world
5-15-07---Message from Maya Shannon
5-16-07---About light
5-17-07---Feeling energy in silence
5-18-07---Why do we have to progress?
5-19-07---Make your priority list
5-20-07 --Meeting members' opinion about the earth's situation
5-21-07 -- Define your priority
5-22-07 -- Set yourself free
5-23-07 -- Open the connection portal to have stronger connection with your guides

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