We gathered for the very first meeting.

Twelve of us were sitting at a big round table. All except me were from the spirit world. There was one spirit who was shining brightly and I could not see his face. (I knew it was a spirit with male energy) D-Dad was there also, but the rest of the members were rather dull and unclear.

At 7am, the chairperson started the meeting by saying, "Due to the urgency, we have decided to gather this meeting daily. Everyone here resides in the spirit realm except you, Carla Grace. This meeting is mainly to educate you. We are all here as your educators. We will teach you on any subject you would want to know. Then what we want you to do is to share the knowledge that you receive from us with other who want to know. As I said at the beginning, there is an urgency to do this on your planet. In whatever way you have to do and feel comfortable, you must share our messages with people on your planet now. Not a year form now, not even three months from now. NOW."

The first meeting was to introduce the participants. To my left and clockwise from there are:

Professor Tiega
His specialty is history. He will teach me how history works. How history should be namaged, and how individuals should learn from history.

She was with me briefly as a teaching angel. She is an expert of compassion.

Andrew was with me for a while as my spirit teacher. He will teach me how to be always confident about myself and to respect myself.

My maternal grandmother Kikuko
She passed away 17 years ago or so. She is an expert of taking care of children. She will show me how to deal with children in the most natural way without destroying their self sense and diginity.

Chairperson - Gabriel
He represents the spiritual world. He will teach me about the connection and relationship of their world and ours.

Maya Shannon
She is a spirit of a girl that I never had. She wanted to be a part of the members to stay close to me and to give me tender loving care when I need it.

He is an expert of managing events. He will teach me how to organize events: when to do things, when to wait, when to execute my plan.

Ghega will teach me the importance of love and patience, importance of trusting my own judgment and have faith in my own instinct and keep believing in my plan. He is also to teach me to stay positive in every aspect.

She is in charge of justice, especially justice for women. She is in charge of creating equality and balance on earth. She will teach me how to bring balance and justice to earth in the most subtle but effective way.

He will teach me how to shine as brightly as I can just like sun in the sky. He will teach me how to become a shining guiding light for people.

Collective animal and plant spirits
They represent nature on earth. They will teach me the importance of awareness of nature, importance of preserving it and living as a part of the nature. They will teach me the comfort and serenity that the nature can provide for people.

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