Professor Tiega's history lesson about money

When Gabriel asked how I was doing this morning, I told him, "Honestly, if I had money, I would feel much better." With that comment, he decided that it was time for Professor Tiega to give me a history lesson about money. Following is the summary of what he told me.

Professor Tiega:
First, people had to collect what they needed by themselves either by hunting, fishing, harvesting fruits, and whatever they had to do. Then people discovered trading. It was simply exchanging what they had with what others had. After a while of doing that, people invented the concept of reserve. They assigned a particular item to serve a role of the reserve. That concept was convenient at the beginning. When you didn't have anything to exchange, you could use the reserve. However, when time went by, people started to pay more attention to collecting reserves than putting more efforts to their original work. They started to control their inventory and started to charge more for their products. And that's exactly what money, the reserve, is affecting people now. People pay too much attention to money and too less attention to what they should do to be productive for themselves and for others.

For a long time in human history, there has been a misleading belief that one's success is measured by how much money he makes. But the truth is, everyone is living a life to accomplish what he was born for: to learn a lesson and complete it. That should be your success in life. Everyone's lesson is different and everyone proceeds at his own pace. There is no competition. And as long as he is on the right track, he is well taken care of by us, the universe. However instead of focusing on the lesson, people, for a long time, has been focusing on this illusive accomplishment to make money. If your focus is on the wrong things such as money itself or the wrong purposes, in your case to take care of other people instead of you, it doesn't work well. By not giving you money, the universe is telling you that you are off the path that you should be on.

If you focus on your work instead of money, then you will get back on your path. Think about the work you can do to make yourself always happy and joyful. That's the key to financial advancement. If you want to start a business because through the business you can express your creativity, that is a great reason and motivation. Never, never, never use your work as a tool to control or manipulate people. Also, do not start a business to help others. Don't think, "If I start this business, my family and friends can work for it and they will be happy. And I can bring money to the relationship with my boyfriend." Forget it. It's a totally wrong motivation. Do it if you can be happy and enjoy work. Otherwise, you know the business would not be prosperous.

One way to find out if the work is good for you or not is to see if the energy from the work matches yours. Ghega will tell you how.

Visualize yourself in that business doing what you are supposed to do. The measuring ruler is "happiness," "joy," "excitement," and "fun." Do you feel any of these emotions from the business? Or do you feel "tiredness," "stress," "spiritless" or any of similar negative feelings? Don't focus on power or money that the work will bring to you. If you feel fun and excitement, then the work is good for you.

The same energy matching technique can be used when you want to know if a person is good for you or not. When you are not talking to the person, feel the energy from the person. Is it warm? Is it loving? Is it comfortable? Is it cold? Is it distant? Is it manipulative? Then follow your feeling about the person. Your energy reading is instinctive and accurate.

It is important to keep your energy moving. Let it circulate within your body. Let it flow in and out of your body. You don't want your energy to stay inside of you and become stagnant. Even good energy turns to negative enegry when it doesn't move. You must avoid that.

Well, that's all for now. We'll meet again. Have a great day. We love you and we are with you every time you need us. Thank you very much.

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