It is important to open up your heart to see the truth.

Today's topic was about opening up our heart. As usual, Gabriel commenced the meeting with his wisdom.

When the heart opens up to the world, it sees the truth but it also becomes vulnerable to negative forces. That's why it's easier to live with your heart closed. But if you life that way, you'll never see the truth. You don't have to worry about the negative attacks. You are well protected by us. You have no need to have fear of negative attacks. Because of this fear, people close their heart. By doing so, people are creating further separation from each other and from us. It is critical now for people to open up their heart to share and to be connected to each other, be connected to nature, be connected to the universe. That is the first process of awakening. Everything can be connected and still be safe.

Almost everyone on your planet believes in God. So what I'm saying should penetrate them without any difficulty. God protects you with love. You, in return, must live your life with love. You must love God and all of God's creation that includes everything around you: people, animals, trees, flowers, mountain, ocean. Everything. Love them all. That's the way to show your gratitude to God for the protection. When you are in resonance with God's love, you are well protected. God will still protect you even if you don't love back. But you will not know about the existence of the protection and you'll feel abandoned and left alone without love. All you have to do is to open up your heart and realize that God's protection has always been there for you. Once you know it, and start loving God's creation, then it's easy to progress.

You no longer need to feel fear. You can start doing things you've wanted to do without any reserve, without fear. You can now fully live your life as yourself. Go ahead, have fun. You are with love so that you won't think of harming anything or hurting anyone. Your act will be filled with love. That's how easy it is to live your life.

People on your planet have been conditioned to be serious. When you are at work, you have to be serious. Dont' have fun at work. It's work, not pleasure. Is it true? Well, you must have fun all the time. That's the best way to fight off negative force. Remember the time when you were having fun. You just wanted to keep doing it, right? When you are having fun, you are on the right track. Now, think about when you are doing something reluctantly. What happens? You can't concentrate. You keep thinking about something else to do. You keep day dreaming. And nothing gets done. There are so many temptations around you that you notice and you might want to grab one or two. If they are negative temptations, you are trapped. It is very important that you keep having fun.

Now, go tell people this simple fact.

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