Visit Gabriel and his world in dreams.

Good morning, everyone. Today, we will discuss about dreams. We are talking about dreams that you have during your sleep. Dream is our opportunity to have direct communication with you.

We are living in two different places with different sets of frequencies. Everything you see is made of certain frequency. The frequencies in your world and the ones of our world are in two different ranges. When we have a meeting like this, we are meeting in a place where we can share the same frequency. A part of you travel up to this particular frequency and part of us come down to meet you. We are tuned in to the same frequency here.

Now, dreams take place in many different places in different frequencies. Sometimes you stay close to your earth frequency. Sometimes you tune in to our freqneucy and visit us in our world. Sometimes we meet in the middle just like we are doing now. In your dream, you tune in to any frequency you want automatically and easily. You can do so because there is no noisy interruption from your brain saying, "Hey, you can't do that." In your dream, your brain can rest and your heart and intuition take over the control.

The reason why we want to discuss dreams is that we want you to utilize dreams to communicate more with us. We want you to visit our world in your dream and see how our world functions, gain versatile knowledge from our world, bring it back with you and apply it in your world. In fact, things you see today were created by visiting us. All the inventions, philosophy, government format, architecture, book ideas. Everything. Now, of course, if you visit the negative world, you can do the same. Learn from them and apply their knowledge in your world. Both worlds are available for you to visit.

Sometimes even the knowledge from our world turn negative when applied in your world. Nuclear energy is an example. It is powerful energy but in reality, it can be easily contained if your intention is good. But if it is touched with just one little thought of negativity, it can easily change its nature to the negative side. From the energy that is safe and can provide never-ending power to millions to the energy that destroys millions. You don't have enough people with good intention yet in your world to effectively control this energy.

I said it is up to you to choose which world to visit in your dream. Think about which world you want reflects upon your world. Do you want to see positivity or negativity?

If you want your world to be in perfect balance with perfect harmony, where people can life with love, fun, joy, happiness and feel safe at any time of day and night everywhere in the world, with completely balanced and safe food to eat, comfortable house to live in, safe transportation that is easy and inexpensive to maintain, right education, where people can live life comfortably doing what they love doing and still have plenty of time to spend with the loved ones, come to visit our world.

If you want your world to be a place with constant disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, flood, fire, where people are scared of other people attacking them for no reason, where animals attack everything they see, with water and air polluted, where things stolen, where children are in constant danger from all kinds of evil acts, plague breakouts happen too often and worldwide, government not in function, wars everywhere, babies are born with severe physical handicaps, where the entire world is covered with fear, threat, anger and frustration, then you might want to visit the negative world.

I'm going to use the terms that you are familier with but you can agree that our world can be called as Heaven and the negative world as Hell. Well, I have never heard of anyone who wishes to go to Hell voluntarily so infinity close to all of you people on earth thinks Heaven is the place to be. This is your chance to create Heaven on earth. Yes, you. You will participate in that creation if you so choose to visit us.

Here is how you can visit our world in your dream. At night, in bed when you go to sleep, tell us your intention of your visit. You can call my name if you want and say, "Gabriel, I would like to visit your world night in my dream. I will enjoy the visit. I will have fun in your world. I will see you soon." And tell yourself that you will remember the dream in the morning when you wake up.

Most of the time the dream is lost in the process of traveling through the barrier of different frequencies. You have to consciously make sure that you will remember the dream. If you do it every night, you will start to remember your dream. It will help if you srite it down right after you wake up. Sometimes residual energy from the other world stays with you for a few moments when you come back to your world.

Have fun today. Have fun tonight. See you in your dream. We love you very much and we are with you today as always.

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