Control your energy.

(All the meeting members are standing at the edge of the cloud where the round table is located. They are looking far out. They are looking at the dawn. I join them.)

It's the beautiful dawn. Dawn is the time between dark and light. Dawn is telling all the darkness creatures that the powerful light is coming to expose them. It's a messenger of light.

(We walk back to the table.)

Sunset is an announcer telling the darkness that awaits that even though the light is going to rest for a while, there are millions of stars watching them. Not all darkness is negative. Darkness is rather friendly. It helps every living creature to process the energy of light that they received during the day so that the energy will reach every part of the body and be a part of the body. That's what happens in the darkness.

If you don't quite understand what I am telling you about, it's all right. We'll come back to this subject later.

So, Morning Glory, what do you want to discuss this morning? Have you settled down from the walk yet?

Not really.

This is how you can calm your energy down. When your energy is activated too much either by the body's physical movements or emotional stir, it's hard for you to concentrate. You must bring your scattered energy back to one solid energy so you can focus much more efficiently. There is a simple visualization that you can do to control your energy.

You will breathe slowly and deeply. As you inhale slowly and deeply, visualize your scattered energy comoing back in to your body. As you exhale slowly and deeply, visualize that the energy in your body converge into one place as an energy ball. The place you want to hold the energy is right below your belly button. That place of your body has a deep pocket and also has the strongest muscle strength. That means when you hold energy, you can hold a lot and safely. When you need to use your energy, when you need to emanate your energy as one strong beam, you can do so efficiently. The area where you hold your energy can be referred simply as "the deep pocket" or you can give your own name to it. How would you call it?

I'd call it Bordeaux. It's like a big wine cellar in a hidden basement.

That is good. Now, do the energy calming exercise now. That's how you quickly get your energy under your control. Very well. Now you are centered. Do this exercise every time you feel agitated, hyper, scatter-brained, or restless. When your energy is freely moving in and out of your body, it makes static noise. You must control your energy instead of energy control you.

Think about what happens when you talk an untrained puppy for a walk. The puppy wants to go all over and he pulls you in every direction as he pleases. The bigger the puppy, the harder it will be to control him. That's how your uncontroled energy is like. Now think about a walk you are having with a well-trained police dog. He obeys every command you give him. Yet he can still enjoy the walk. You can enjoy the walk, too. He is, however, very alert and ready to make a move any time you ask him to. That's how controled energy is like.

Today, keep learning to control your energy. Keep it centered. Keep it in your Bordeaux. Keep it contained. Stay centered and focused. That's your homework for today.

Well, our little scatter-energied Morning Glory, take one thing at a time. I know you have so many things in your mind. Multi-tasking, though it sounds smart and efficient, doesn't really work. Do one thing at a time. Focus on one thing at a time. By doing so, you can handle thing much better and you never miss a thing. Don't worry about a thing. Things are just fine.

Have a great focused day, our Morning Glory. We are with you today as your lion since that's the symbol you chose for us today. We love you very much today. Have fun.

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