You are a part of the universe. Work with the universe workers.

Good morning, everyone. Morning Glory, I have an assignment for you today. For five minutes today, I want you to forget about the earth and think about the universe. Leave the earth and be with the universe workers.

What do you mean?

Sometimes people need to remind themselves that they belong to the universe, that you are a part of the universe. Forget your family, forget your country, forget your planet, and come back to the universe. Just for five minutes. The universe workers are the ones who oversee the universe scale events and work along with the universe for its progress. Yes, the universe itself is in constant progress. Here is what you are going to do in that 5 minutes.

First of all, make sure there is no earthly disturbance or interruption during this assignment. Close your eyes and relax. Visualize you steping outside of your house. When you go outside, go ahead and start floating upward. Just imagine you float up higher and higher. You see your neighborhood. As you go up higher, you see the entire city, then state. Now you are high enough to see the entire country. Yes, it's just like the Google Earth screen. Go up higher. Leave the earth atmosphere. Now you are looking at the earth floating in the dark space spinning slowly. Let's see the neighbor planets. Go further out. There's Mars, and on the other side, Venus and Mercury next to your sun. Fly outward, and see the entire solar system. Sun in the middle and all the planets and their moons in orbit. Now you are leaving your familiar view to the place no one reached before. Don't worry about a thing. You won't get lost. We are traveling with you. You are going to see your galaxy. Have you ever thought that you belong to a galaxy? You are now hundreds of thousands of light years from your tiny planet. Look at your Milky Way Galaxy, and other galaxies nearby.

Now let's contact the universe workers. You will meet them here just outside of your galaxy. Just call them in your mind. "Hello, universe workers. Tell me who you are, and what you do. I want to know how you work with the universe."

The universe workers are collective spirits in different levels. They are shaping themselves as a huge almond-shaped radiating light. They are pure light. They don't have any physical form. They are light. When the light comes to you, go ahead and step in and tell me how you feel.

I feel comfortable. Everything is in order in this light. I don't see anybody, but I can feel the presence of everybody. They are welcoming my visit. This particular light is in charge of maintaining the order in the section of the universe where our galaxy belongs to. They have a name for the section but it's long and made with a bunch of numbers. The nickname is "Frontal Lobe." I don't know why it's called that way. Just for fun, I feel.

They are the existence of collective thoughts. When you don't have a physical body, you exist as thoughts. You are thoughts, emotions, imaginations. Without a physical body, you can move faster, think faster, decide faster. When you think about having something, you already have that something. When you think about sending love to someone, that someone has already received your love.That's how things happen in the spirit world. The universe workers don't even bother to have any physical-looking form when they gather. They chose to remain formless.

The universe workers scan the area that they are in charge and when they find some concerned issues, they send their light energy to the general troubled area and wrap up the area with love. Then they contact the regional workers, and the regional workers find specific area support workers to heal the concern.

The solar workers were contacted by the Galaxy workers who had been ordered by the universe workers to deal with the concerned state of the earth. The earth's order is getting hard to maintain. The solar workers told the earth workers, like us, to immediately start working on bringing order to the earth. In order to accomplish our assignment, we needed the physical earth participants since the earth is in the 3rd density stage and we had a hard time getting our message across. The earth participants and we have to work together to finsih this task. You are one of the earth participants. Your willingness to connect to the universe was your intention shown to us that you wanted to work with us. There are many like you working now on the earth.

In order to bring back order and balance to the earth, we must awaken people and remind them the most important thing that you have to have to live a life. That is love. Love is universal. Love is all. All need to be loved. That's all. That simple.

So for five minutes, something later today, I want you to take this journey again and remind yourself that the entire universe is concerned about the earth and so many are working together to save the earth.

Appreciate and respect this planet. Appreciate and respect the workers for their dedication. Enjoy your work. Have fun doing it. We love you today and we are with you today, as always.

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