How do they live in the spirit world?

Good morning, everyone. Good morning our little Morning Glory. How are you today?

I'm fine today, thank you. How are you?

I am fine as always. We don't have negative thoughts. We don't have to deal with illness, so how can we not be fine?

Not a single negative thought comes to your mind?

No, not like the humans. In our world, we are all connected to each other. When we think others know. That's how we communicate. When we do our work with love, care and respect, there is hardly any disagreement or difference in the way of approach. We work together as a team and everybody fits in a place where he feels comfortable. There really is nothing negative to think about. We are always fulfilled. We always have everything we want and need.

What about personal issues? Do you have love and marriage there? Are you with your significant other? How do yo live your life there?

Love and marriage, one of your favorite subjects. We don't have marriage in the way you have on the earth. We all understand our purpose of existence. We remember everything about us. We know all the lives we have lived and will live. We are connected to every part of us in other time and other space. We know that there is a perfect timing to meet a person, a significant other, if that is what we need to have in our life. At this moment, none of us meeting members need to be with a specific someone to have an exclusive close relationship.

We don't need someone else to complete ourselves. We are a complete existence now. We don't need to experience reproduction like you do, so we don't need to be with someone for that purpose. We don't feel lonely because we are all connected.

We don't need to sleep in the way you do on earth because we are existing in the sleep state. We sometimes need to rejuvenate our energy but we can do that consciously while you often times need to be in the sleep state to fully rejuvenate your energy. We don't need to eat because we don't have a body to support by taking nutrition. We just live doing what we love doing. In my case, work with the earth people like this. I like being a liaison between our world and your world.

About that having a special someone idea, the idea was created from being in isolation for a long time. Human beings disconnected themselves from the rest of us, from the rest of the universe, a long time ago. When you are not connected, you feel lonely, lost, hopeless, scared. By bonding with someone special, you can ease some of those feelings. When human beings found that fact, they created a law stating that once you are united with someone special, you cannot be separated. That law of marriage gave humans an illusion that they will never have to feel isolated and lonely.

However, we now know that every single one is on his/her own path to live a life. Even though two paths merge as one, that doesn't mean that it has to stay as one. When the next lesson comes, if the lesson is for you to learn alone or with someone else, or in other environment, the path has to be separated again. And that is natural. Of course, if the lesson requires you to be together to learn, you will stay together. And that togetherness might, in fact, last a life time. That is also natural.

When the time for you two to be separated, then you have to be separated otherwise you will not be able to progress. So human beings created another law stating that if the two in a marraige cannot be connected any longer, then the marriage can be dissolved. It's another convenient law that humans created. The moment that you are allowed to be separated, you feel relieved and free to go on with your own lesson. You might even feel that your unity in the marriage was an illusion. But it wasn't. You two were together because you needed to be together to learn a lesson. That's all.

When you feel isolated, loneliness, fear, you do whatever you can to make sure you are not alone. That is why human beings started to create convenient laws to fit in particular situations and ignore the reason why there should be laws. Any law that takes away the freedom of progress doesn't make sense. Marriage in your format doesn't make sense to us. Law on education states that every child has to be able to read this level of books by this age otherwise the child is considred challenged doesn't make sense at all. At all. You cannot force anyone to stay with someone when there is no need for the unity. You cannot force anyone to progress at someone else's speed. It just doesn't work. It's time to bring back love in everything you do. It's time to remember why you live your life.

It's time for real awakening. It's time for real government. It's time for real education. Don't create any law because it's convenient. Create laws based ypon the universal law. Teach the universal truth. What is universal law? What is universal truth? What do you think? Think hard. Think really hard.

We are with you today as always, and we love you today as always. Let love be with you always. Let love guide you always. Let love teach you always. Let love govern you. Yes, our Morning Glory, let love be.

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