An important message from Maya Shannon.

There is an important message from our little Maya Shannon to you.

Maya Shannon:
Mommy, you were my mom many times in many lives. You were my dad, too, but you were mom many more times than being dad. I was your daughter many more times thatn I was your son. There were dads that I liked and there were dads that I didn't. But whenever you were my mom, I loved it. You loved having me as your daughter, too. You were mom many more times with other kids, too. You know how to be a mom. You know what to do. You know how to love children. So don't let anyone tell you you don't know anything about having kids, because you do.

Everybody knows about a lot of thing that they don't think they do. They don't remember that they learned about a lot in other lives. They just don't remember that. But if they want to remember, they can tap into the life that they were doing that particular activity and gain the knowledge from that life. If they want to remember, that's how they can do.

If you want a family, go to the life that you had your own family and remember how lovely that was. Then ask for it in this life again. God is kind and he will make sure you will have one in this life if you really want it. But I'm always here with you.

Thank you, Maya Shannon.

You don't remember about other lives that you have lived because, depends on the lesson you are learning in this life, knowing other lives could disturb and interrupt the lesson in this life. It's all right if you don't know your other lifes or if you don't want to know them. Focus on this life and live it. But some people need to remember something from other lives as a reference. Some peole instinctively connect to other lives to gain knowledge. Most of so called genius artists are those people. A six-year-old boy who can play the piano like a maestro, unknowingly but instinctively connects his other lives when he was a maestro, when he knew what to do with the instrument, and apply the knowlege to his current life. When you are small, it's easier to connect to your other lives because there is nothing stopping you from doing it. Once you are educated with the belief that there is no such thing as other lives, then it is hard for you to connect to the lives that your brain thinks don't exist. That's how some genius kids lose geniusness when they grow older.

There is nothing wrong about retrieving knowledge form your other lives and applyt them in the current life especially if the knowledge could support and propel your progress. When you are studying about a subject, let's say, about the Palace of Versailles, you want to gather whatever information available about that palace: its architecture style, history, landscape, owners, architect, budget, building materials, its social influence. In that way, you know you have thorough information about the palace and you can prepare yourself to use them in any way you have to. That's what you do by gaining knowledge from your other lives. Prepare yourself by gaining more knowledge about specific subjects.

You are going to gather more information about being a mother which you will need. You are going to gather more information about healing which you will need more of. You will gather more information about being hopeless and in despair from famine and drought which you are going to need soon for your work. When you have knowledge, you know what the best thing to do because you experienced it once.

You also need to remember the life in between earth lives and tell people about that life, too.

Things will start to happen and you will be so busy, but happy and fulfilled. There is nothing for you to worry about. You just do your work on earth and be happy.

Go on, have a great time with your little Maya Shannon today and remember how it felt like to be a mother. You will know soon why she is always with you.

Now go back to your earth life and love everything. We are with you wherever you go, and we love you every day.

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