What is light? What does it do? How do we utilize it?

Good morning, everyone. Morning Glory, how are you?

I am fine, thank you.

Today we will discuss about light. What is it? What does it do? How do we utilize it?

In your world, you sun is the main source of light. When the sun is out, you see things and you receive warmth. When sun is down, it's dak and it's cold. Light also give your world colors, making it more fun. What else does light do? It gives you certain nutrition like vitamin D, but at the same time, it can harm you by ultra viiolet.

The essence of light is energy. That's why we use light for healing. We use pure light of love that has no other elements. The source is everywhere. But for an intense rejuvenation, we use the light ball that we keep in the rejuvenation hall. Everybody can send love to the ball and the ball keeps it until it's used for rejuvenation. We amplify the light of love through crystal ceiling. Usually we lie down on a bed directly underneath the light ball and bathe the light of love that comes down from the ceiling. That's how we rejuvenate ourselves. Nothing else can work as efficiently as light of love.

The light also works as protection from negativities. We, earth workers, have this light sessions more often than other workers especially now when the earth is filled with bare and direct negativity. It's very important to protect yourself and your loved ones from it.

Imagine yourself standing under a big ball of bright, radiating ball of light. There is a crystal ceiling between the ball and you. The ceiling automatically knows how much to amplify and what type of light energy is most needed to energize and protect you. Just ask the ball to energize and protect you by saying, "I am here to be energized and to receive protection." And the light ball will start sending the light you need. When the light stops coming down, you can leave the hall.

Every time you feel drained or you feel you need extra protection, go ahead and do this. Be aware of energy around you and make conscious dicisions based upon energy. Start reading energies from others and environment. It's intuitive. It's accurate. More than any words people speak, and more than any actions people display, energy can tell more about them.

Well, dear Morning Glory, we want you to have another productive day. Prepare yourself for what's coming. We'll give you signs. We are with you now and always. We love you always. Have fun.

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