Feeling the energy in silence.

Good morning, everybody. How is everybody this morning? Very well. Today, we will discuss.....

Suddenly Gabriel's words are cracking up, my vision is disturbed and my body is flating upward.

Morning Glory, that is your static causing all that. Be centered. Focus. Control your energy. Focus on this meeting. If our world, you can't hide anything. Everythig is received the moment it happens. We know exactly when you start thinking about something else. Now you know that it shows when you start thinking about something else. Focus. Concentrate. That's very important especially from now on when you start dealing with many more people and their energies. You must tune in to the person's energy and shut off everyone else's. That's the only way to receive accurate information about that person. Focus. Tell your brain to be quiet and start receiving. Don't let your brain go out of control. Right now, focus on what I'm saying. Don't think about the dream you had this morning. Dont' think about banana bread that you baked last night that you are smelling. Don't. When your thoughts start to drift off, you must bring them back. You must re-focus. Practice that today. Practice to focus completely on one thing, and nothing else. Don't chat within you unless it's about the subject that you are focusing on. Right now, stay with me and listen to me.

Let's get back to today's topic.

Gabriel doesn't continue. He freezes as if there is nothing to talk about.

Don't worry. Of course I have a topic. The topic is silence. Silence can tell a lot about a person, people, situation, or environment.

When you are with a person, you can keep casually talking about minute matters as they come up in conversation for however long you wish, but if there is a moment of silence, that's when you can sense the person's energy. You can tell if he is comfortable with you, if he is hiding something from you, or if there is a connection between you two.

When you are among people, and suddenly there is dead silence. That means that something has triggered the silence and people are either alarmed and waiting for something bad to happen, or wait in anticipation for something awesome to happen. Mass silence is a great energy unification both positively or negatively. When energy is focused like that, the energy can do so much. It is important that the energy like this is not used for negative purpose.

Now when we were silent at this table, instead of sensing the energy at the table, you started thinking, "What's wrong? What's going on?" That's how you got static. If you know how to sense the energy, you could have felt a beautiful harmony among us. So next time, feel the energy.

There was another issue that I wanted to discuss, but our Morning Glory here is anxious to leave us. She has started counting the pages that she wrote about this meeting and has started to check the clock. We'll let her go. Obviously her mind is a bit scattered this morning.

Tomorrow you will be centered and energy contained before you come to this meeting, won't you? Meeting adjourned.

Don't worry. We love you and we are with you today as always. Be a responsible participant tomorrow on.

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