What is progress? Why do we have to progress?

Good morning, everyone. Today we will discuss about progress. The earth has been a wonderful participant in the progress of spiritual growth by hosting billions of spirits through its history. It has been providing everything that the spirits needed all those years and will for many more years to come.

Your solar system will continue its progress for 5 billion more years if all goes well. However for the earth and its inhabitants the life on the earth as they experience now won't last that long. The earth is going through its own progress from the 3rd density to the 4th density. When this progress goes smoothly, the earth can take its natural aging along with the sun. However, when the progress is interrupted somehow, the earth will be physically destroyed. The interruption most likely would be brought about by the main inhabitants: human beings.

If the earth was destroyed, the entire solar system would be destroyed. The orbital balance of the other planets would go off balance and eventually the entire solar system would collapse. There are many stars in the universe that were forced to take this course. There are many that turned around its heading at the last moment. And there are many that finished the transition of progress as smoothly as possible.

Why do we have to keep progressing? It is a simple question but very hard for you to understand the answer if you received it. It has to go back to the origin of the entire existence. What was here first? Who started it? Who's decision was that to progress? Only the creator knows the answers to those questions. We don't even know the entire scenario. We are only a few steps ahead of you. There are many more steps that we have to climb up. All we know is that as we progress, we get closer to understand the origin and the purpose of existence.

Your scientists are trying very hard to understand the origin of the universe. Your philosophers are trying very hard to understand the meaning of life. That is good because wanting to know is willing to participate in progress. You will not understand the true reason of existence and progress at your level. You can only imagine understand the truth for now. It is like you are studying addition and subtraction and imagining how it feels like to solve a calculus problem. You don't have enough knowledge to even understand the problem but that gives you a motivation to get there. For now, study what you have in front of you because if you don't understand adding and subtracting, you will never understand calculus.

It's true that you only have one life to life. As yourself. It is like the real you is living in the spirit world and a part of you is sent to the physical world to learn a lesson. The spiritual you sends many of those parts and have them learn different aspects of life and have them bring what they gained back to you in the spirit world. When you have gained enough knowledge to move up to the 4th density, you won't have to reincarnate any more in the 3rd density world. How many lives you have to live to finish the 3rd density lesson and move up is up to you. If you have to repeat some lessons, you have to live many more lives. But it's not how quickly you finish the lessons, it's how thorough you learn the lessons.

Take time. Don't compare yourself to others. You are learning your lesson at yoru own speed. There is no comparison. Be proud of yourself for choosing to progress. Learning your lesson in this life is to have fun, love and be loved, care and be cared. Remember if you want to know what your life lesson is, just follow what excites you.

We love you today as always. We are with you today as always. The entire universe is with you all the time to give you any support you need. Have a fun day.

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