Make your priority list.

Good morning, everyone. Morning Glory, you haven't yet quite learned how to manage time. We have been telling you that you will be very busy. You must catch up with everything this weekend otherwise you will be so behind in everything you do in a short while. You cannot live in the way you have lived in the past 10 years and still be able to manage everything well.

Today, decide what your priorities are. If it's business, put business first. If it's private matters, place private first. Create weekly schedule and daily schedule. Follow the schedule as much as you can. Structure your life better. Once a week you can have a day without schedule. A free day. But the rest of the week, live according to the schedule. Get used to it.

How am I going to be busy? Will I have more projects? Another business? Am I going to be busy in private life?

It's up to you. As soon as you make your priority list, we will work with you. We will be able to direct you better. We will be able to bring suitable people to you.

Every time you do something, focus on it. That's the best way to handle things. Focus. Put every part of you to what you are doing at that moment either it's for 5 minutes or even for 1 minute. Focus. The move on to the next thing. Don't forget that you have to have your energy centered to focus. One thing at a time. Right now, focus on this meeting. Nothing else.

When you are talking to someone, find out how wide his energy field extends to. You keep your eyes within the energy field of the person when you are talking to him. Don't look anywhere else. Stay within the field. Extend your energy to that person, but not beyond. Practice to work with energy.

If you don't feel comfortable with the person, make sure his energy doesn't penetrate yours by blocking it. Create a barrier around your energy field. If you want to know more about the person, then extend your energy to his to check out. If you want to know the person in deep level, let your energy merge into his. Let your energy find out about the person. Let your energy guide you and protect you. Practice this.

This thing you see in the middle of the table is an empty fetus. It's you who will put energy into it. You will give love, care to this empty fetus. You will pour energy into it. You will give life to this fetus by doing all those. Without your focus and effort, this fetus will never come fully alive. The more you focus, the more love, care and effor you put into, the faster it comes to life. Check the status of the fetus every day and see how lively it is.

Now, create your priority list today. Not tomorrow. Today. And keep the fetus close to you. Don't let it die. If you don't know where to start, after you make the priority list, ask us. "What is the best thing I can do today to pur energy into .....?" If you ask us, we will tell you the fastest and the easiest thing you can do so you won't waste your time. And to receive our answer, just sit quietly and listen. Pay attention to the thoughts that come to you. Pay attention to signs and coincidences and make your decision accordingly.

Well, we love you today as always. We are with you every moment of the day and always. Any question you have, we are here to listen and answer the best way we can. Have fun.

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