Gabriel and Apollo talked about emotions and shining as yourself.

Gabriel said that he would talk about two subjects this morning. First was about emotions, and the second was about shining as yourself.

About emotions. You know very well that there are two kinds of emotions; positive and negative. We all must focus on positive emotions and do our best to eliminate negative emotions. Positive emotions lift you up, make you productive, keep you on the right path, lead you to your goal of finishing your life lesson. Negative emotions work in the oposite way. Then
why do you have to experience negative emotions? All of the negative things exist on earth teach you the consequences, the undesirable consequences. You can compare the result of having positive emotions and negative emotions and know the difference. When you see the results, your choice will be clear. Unless of course you choose to be in pain and suffering, in stagnant, in separation, unfocused, confused, and all other uncomfortable states. When the comparison is done, there is no more reason for you to keep experiencing negative emotions. You now do your best to let go of any negative emtions. That is what everyone on earth has to learn todo.

All of the negative emotions only effect you in the most unproductive, selfish, isolated way. You are pushing yourself to be isolated, unproductive, and stagnant status by allowing negative emotions occupy you. You must avoid that. Everyone on earth has the right to live a happy life full of joy, fun and love. Everyone. It is up to you to have positive emotions instead of negative. Let go of any negative emotions.

Any time you feel anger, sorrow, jealousy, envy, self-pity, fear, place the thoughts related to these emotions in a bubble and release it to the sky. All the negative emotions are self-produced and self-inflicted. When you choose to let them go, they are gone. After letting them go, fill yourself with loving feeling. If it's hard to do by visualising, listen to a nice, peaceful music. Go to a rose garden and enjoy the beauty. Go to a museum and think about love, care and effort that the artists put into their arts. Go take a walk in the nature and have them comfort you.

You don't need the negative energy control you. Be positive. Have fun. Enjoy life.

Now about shinning brightly as yourself. Apollo, please tell her about the importance of it.


It is not about forcing yourself to shine. When you are doing your true work, you shine naturally. When you are filled with joy, fun, love, happiness, you shine naturally. That's all to it. When you shine, people are attracted to you because they, too, want to shine like you. They want to know the secret. And, of course, there is no secret. You tell them to be themselves, to be their natural state, hide nothing, be themselves and do what they want to do.

So today, do something that you love doing. Start shining. Have fun. Enjoy every minute of the day. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Comfort yourself. You are doing a fine job. We are with you today and always. Go on, have fun.

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