Members' opinion on the current situation of the earth.

Good morning, everyone. How are you all? Let's hear everybody's brief opinion on the earth's situation.

Professor Tiega:
I wonder why people even bother to learn history since nothing much has been improved in the 7000 years of modern civilization. Someone has to learn more about wars and figure out a way to avoid it in the near future. Get to the core of it and change it.

There are so many situations what people are put to despair and hopelessness. Yet at the same time, there are peole who help those who are in despair to improve their situation. That's a good sign. People who lost hope need to be able to trust people again. I will keep supporting those who still have compassion and love in their heart and want to do a little something good for others.

People got lost because they don't know where they want to go. Only a few set up a goal and stick to it. Some don't even know how to set up a goal. Why so many are lost in the most ideal country? All they have to do is to look beyond material things, then they can find their way.

We must educate mothers about the importance of loving and caring. Otherwise this planet will be filled with people who don't care about anything. If their mothers haven't taught them that, someone has to. It's not that hard to teach love. Start when they are young. Show them nature. Show them animals. Show love that exists everywhere in and around your life. Show the beauty of love. And always tell them they are loved, too.

Maya Shannon:
Mothers experience miracle when they become moms. Carrying a different person inside your body is a miracle. Miracles are everywhere. Miracles happen every time. The world is full of miracles. Let them happen more often.

We, spirit guides, work with you constantly. We love you always and we want to make sure that you won't go through unnecessary struggles. Sometimes you go through small struggles. Those are to show you that we work with you to make you come out of struggles. Once you realize that we work with you efficiently, you won't have to go through another struggle. I want you and everyone living on the earth to know that you are not alone. We are with you. Then you can change the world instantly.

It doesn't have to be a big spectacular change that needs to happen. It can be a small change in an individual. That small change can change the world. The change happens from you. It's not your government that makes the change. It's you who make the change first. Be positive and believe that you can make the change and the world will follow your vision. Find one thing positive in your situation and focus on it rather than counting how many negative things have happened to you. That's the key to make the change you need.

The truth is that no one is superior. No one is inferior. Once you look beyond gender, you will find the true nature of life. Everyone is living a life that he or she chose to live. Everyone is equally important. Everyone is equally free to live his or her life. That's all. Once people know this truth, then there will be a harmonious world.

Change is necessary and inevitable. Your sun will not keep shining forever. Sun is living its life jus like humans. People must anticipate changes and they should not fear the change. People are scared of the unknown, but if they believe that the change is for the better, then there is no reason to fear. People can still create the better situation. People can change the world, can make it better.

It is devastating to see the nature being destroyed. In the past few decades, it has been accelerated. People must find a way to reconnect themselves to nature and find a way to co-exist with nature in harmony. People shoule wake up and realize that whenever they destroy nature, they are destroying themselve.

Even though the world seems to go downhill in full speed, there are a few who are not afraid to show their love, and demonstrate love. It's easy to say something and talk about something. But doing it is a totally different courageous move. I hope more people will start to express and display love and I hope I will be able to do so without hesitation. That's one way of showing hope.

That you all. We all agree that the earth's situation is not ideal, but there is hope. As long as people show their love, care and act accordingly, there is a way to go upward and forward again. It's up to humans to change the course that the earth is heading to. And we are with every single human being on the earth to support him to make this important change before it's too late. We love the earth and everything that lives there so much, it hurts us to see the earth suffer. There is a way to bring happiness, joy, love and harmony to the earth. Let's work together.

Don't give up. If you want to see a change, start now. Change yourself first and let it reflect upon the world.

We love you. We are with you. Today and always. Accept us to be in your team. Now, go have fun.

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