Define your priority

Thank you very much, you all, for gathering here to educate me. I feel humble and honored.

Thank you, too, our little Morning Glory. Good morning to you, and how are you this morning?

I feel a little bit of a conflict. I bet it’s the one that every woman has. Should I choose career or family? That kind of conflict.

You so long to be with this man, yet you are not sure if this would work. You are not sure if, by being with this man, your work would be limited. So decide what do you want to do. Do you want to work as freely as you can? Or do you want to be with the man and be happy at home?

Why can’t I do both?

Would this man allow you to have both? Will you allow yourself to have both? What kind of work that you want to do that might offend him?

Traveling more? To not desirable places?

Do you really want to do that? Do you really have to do that? Is there anything else you can do? Can you compromise? Will he compromise?

Again, define what you want to do. Define the essence of what you want to do. What you want to accomplish. What you want to achieve. Is there anything you can do within this country? Is there anything you can do together? Search the possibilities. Really look into what you really want. Not just in business. Really think hard about what you want at home. What do you want at home? Who do you want to be with and why? Go over your priority list again and think details. Go over each one of the priority list and really think in detail why the person or the project occupies the top of the list. Think hard. Re-group if you need to. Make sure the priority list is based upon excitement, not because of other reasons like money, responsibility, obligation. This is your list. No one else’s. Make sure when you think about the person or the business on the top of the list, you get excited. You are compelled. You are moved. You can’t wait to do it.

Today, you must go over the priority list and create schedule accordingly. Don’t let time carry you. Control time. You will be in charge of your life. No one else. Nothing else. Time is on your side when you control it. We are on your side when you are determined.

Think of all the things you have accomplished so far in your life and remember how focused you were. Now bring back that focus. Do it again. Nothing is stopping you but yourself. Once you have set your goal, everything will start to happen. For you it’s happening already but it will move faster. Come on, don’t be lazy. Go ahead. Do it. There are people waiting for you. There are projects put aside for you. There are people waiting for your creation. Go ahead and explore. Don’t stop now. Bring your energy back to working. Move it circulated. Find it. Focus on it. Do it. Enjoy it. Have fun doing it.

Everyone can dream about something. And everyone has an ability to act upon it to bring the dream to reality. Everyone! Focus. That’s the first step. Visualize. That’s the next step. And act according to the ideas that come to your mind about it. That’s the third step. And follow the path that reveals itself as you go, to the end. Just like that. That’s it.

Now go do it today. Have fun. We are with you today and always. You are loved by us today as always. Make sure you have fun today.

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