Set yourself free

Good morning, our little Morning Glory. How are you this morning?

I’m just fine, thank you. Why are you all floating?

Because we can. Stand up. It’s time for you to join us. Come up to our level. Even though we are floating only a few feet from the ground, we are free. We don’t have gravity to pull us down. We can move around freely in three dimensions. We don’t walk. We glide. Our will takes us to places, not our legs. Even though we reside only a few feel above yours, different rules rule us. Yes, of course we have rules. By now you should know what rules our world. Yes, it’s love. Very simple, isn’t it?

Gravity is the first thing that limits your moves. The first thing that reminds you that you live now in the world of limitation. The minute you are born, you know you don’t have the freedom that you used to have any more. Different rules apply in the new world. Gravity, body, language. But don’t let those limitations occupy you. You can still bring some of the aspects of our world to yours. People remember our world and how free and beautiful our world is. That’s why people invented airplanes. That’s why people played instruments so that people all over your world could understand and appreciate the beauty of it. Same as paintings. Arts and science can bring beautiful parts of our world to yours. But one thing has to accompany these things. It must come with love. They must be appreciated with love because love is the most important thing we cherish in our world. Everything is born with love. Everything is created with love. Every act is carried with love. Without love you can never recreate our world in your world.

Float as much as you can. When you walk, let a part of you go free from gravity and float above you. Let it enjoy freedom. Let it enjoy the view. Let it communicate with trees and animals.

It’s all right if that part of you enjoy too much of that freedom. Then you want to live in that free world. Then you’d do something about your world so that your world would be like our world. Bring beauty to your world. Let people know that there are more beautiful things to appreciate. Set them free through beauty. Music, paintings, architecture. Communicate through the beauty. Go beyond language. Create and recreate our world. Visit our world more often, as often as you can, and bring some beauty back with you each time. Fill your world with beauty.

Tell your people the beauty of freedom, the beauty of connection, the beauty of movements, the beauty of love.

Everybody can be awaked. Everybody can appreciate the beauty. Capture the beauty and let people see and appreciate it.

Don’t say, “I can’t” to yourself. Don’t think you are any less than us. We are equal. You’ve been limiting yourself for so long. Set yourself free. Be with love. You can float. You can fly. You can have a perfect communication without speaking a word. You can bathe in love. Let love fill you p so you can fly more. Detach yourself from all the regulations and limitations that your world impose upon you. Never say, “I can’t” to yourself from this point on. Replace that with “I can.” “I can do it.” Yes, then you will do it.

So you think what you want to do is so far fetched and it seems impossible. But the moment you say to yourself, “I can do it” then all the universe is with you.

When you say, “I can do it” the energy changes. You immediately project that positive energy and people will notice it. So do it. Change yourself.

Today, whenever you do something with a little challenge, remind yourself to say, “I can do it.” And yes, you can and you will do it beautifully.

Everything you imagine doing, you are actually capable of doing. No matter how ridiculous they seem, you have an ability to do it. You imagine them because you are attracted to them. When there is an attraction, there is excitement. When there is an excitement, there is a path because excitement is the key to your life lesson. And what is a lesson to be learned if there is no way of learning? So there must be a way to accomplish it.

So, go ahead. Say, “I can do that” many times today. And enjoy doing it. You’ll love it.

As always, we love you and as always we are with you today. Have fun. Lots of it

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