Open the connection portal to have stronger connection with your guides

Good morning, our little Morning Glory. You are not feeling well this morning?


You have to ask your body what it needs, and if you sense that it doesn’t want a particular food, you have to avoid taking it. We understand that you have to take care of your client, but you must first take care of you so that you stay healthy. You must listen to your body. If you sense a slightest hesitation about a particular food, you’ll avoid it. Many restaurants offer substitution. So next time, remember to do that.

Don’t worry. Everything will fall into the right place. Everything will settle at the end. You are going through what you are going through to educate yourself about manifestation, self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence to bring back real you to yourself. Tell yourself every morning that you have an ability to handle everything that comes to you. And believe that no matter how scattered it looks, all the pieces will find its spot to fit in and at the end all is well.

Yes, business matters. Yes, private matters. As long as you do your life’s work, all is taken care of.

In order for you to be connected to us, you must have a connection portal open. On top of your head, create a tiny hole and accept our energy through that hole into your body. Of course it’s in your visualization. The energy comes in constantly when you are awake, when you are asleep. You have a constant connection that way. Don’t let any part of your body block that energy flow. Don’t let any negativity to interrupt the flow. You will be connected and more you are aware of the energy flow, the stronger the connection will be.

It’s time for you to bring scattered energy into one place. Gather your thoughts. Collect residual energy into one place. Past is past. Look at the future. Be ready for the future. It is time for you to be one complete person emotionally. Be a solid person. Centered person. Focused person. Bring everything to where you are. Settle there completely.

You will start from where you are. When time comes for you to move, we’ll let you know. But for now, completely settle there. Collect everything. When your thoughts are scattered, when your emotions are scattered, when your papers are scattered, it’s very hard to be centered to move on. So, it’s time for you to settle down at one place. Things will move faster that way. Do it today.

And as I said earlier, don’t worry about anything. Remember? No fear, no worry, and don’t carry any sorrow. Just be happy, have fun and enjoy another day in any way you want to enjoy.

We love you today as always, and we are with you today as always. You will have everything you want.

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