Amanda talks about compassion. Nature talks about connection.

Gabriel asked if there were anyone who would want to address any issue to be discussed. Amanda raised her hand and talked about compassion.

I'd like to point out the importance of compassion. Whenever you hear something sad, painful, cruel, you must first send the energy of compassion, followed by love and respect. How we could reduce some unbearable events to happen is to keep sending compassion, love and respect. When people receive compassion, they should realize that it is a sign of awakening their own strength and purpose to go on with their lives. They should realize that they should not be in the state to receive compassion. They have strength to come out of any undesirable state and to live a life to fill their purpose. In reality, no one need compassion. All people need is love, respect and fun. Compassion is something that people need to see once in a while to awaken themselves. That's the true nature of compassion. Compassion helps at first, but it needs to be replaced by true love and support immediately. Don't share people's negativity by keep sending compassion to them. You'd be affected.

Thank you, Amanda. That is true. No one need compassion. If you know that you are here on purpose of learning a life lesson, and they are experiencing some negativity as a learning process, they can come out of it easily. If you are going through an undesirable situation, don't let the situation swallow you down. Learn the purpose of this negativity to exist for you, and walk out of it.

There are so many negativities in the world that the humans created. It is easier to control people by imposing fear on them than letting go of control. By telling people something horrible would happen if they don't follow this particular teaching, or government, or customs, someone is controing people. But this fear is man-made. It can easily be changed. In fact, the only thing you cannot change in your world is love. No one can remove love from the world. That's the only unchanging thing in the universe. Everything else can be changed instantly.

We are willing to share our knowledge with humans. They have long forgotten that they are a part of us. If they wish, they can have their original ability back. Originally, they were able to utilize their instincet effectively. They could communicate with us more naturally. They could maintain harmony and balance by connecting to us. However, they have lost all of those when they decided to walk a separate path: a path of self-centeredness and greed. It is an illusion that they are the most superior existence on earth. It appears that way, but they are an equal part of us. Harmony and balance is important to move on smoothly to the next stage of the earth.

Take care of everything around you as if they are a part of you. Stop self-destruction. When you destruct nature, you are destructing yourself, pushing you further to the core of chaos. Wake up, people, you cannot live without us. Pay attention. Remember how it used to be. Bring back balance and harmony.

Thank you, nature. Indeed it saddens us to see poeple become more selfish. Only if they knew that their selfishness is the reason of all the natural disasters. If they stop being selfish, disasters will stop occurring. The change is instant. Start loving, caring, respecting everything around you.

Have a nice day. We are here for you always.

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