Unexpected gifts will come to you.

You know things happen unexpectedly. Out of nowhere things fall on to your lap. You'd be surprised but be thankful. When you are aligned with your true self, many of these unexpected gifts will come to you. All you have to do is to be yourself and do the work you are supposed to do. Now, when I say "work," what I mean is that you execute to express being yourself.

If you are happy surrounded by music, go do something to do with music. If you are fascinated by fabric and colors, do something to with them. Be a designer. If you love reading books, work in a bookstore. Do what you love doing. Surround yourself with what you love. You don't have to go right to the big thing from the beginning. Start by doing something that has a little bit of what you love. Be true to yourself when you make thsi decision.

As long as you keep your excitement and fun, you know you'll be taken care of and you'll keep receiving surprise gifts. Enjoy them.

Next subject I'd like to address is about children. They are, of course, born to this world with their own lesson to learn just like you adults. When children are small, they are often molded into a shape by their parents. This process sometimes seems to alter their purpose, but no, it's natural. They chose their parents. They knew what would happen in their childhood. That's all a part of their lesson plan. So even though the children seem to be in danger or in a undesirable situation, everything is as planned. They are well protected. Your intervention may or may not be a part of the plan. If you are compelled to do something, and if they accept your action, then you are a part of their lesson. If you don't see a clear connection to them, you can let them walk their path.

However, just like it'd be easier for you to live your life when you know how life works, children, too, will have a smoother life if they are reminded of the laws of life and why they are here. Whenever you have a chance, you might want to mention something about the true nature of life subtly to children after you've gained permission from them. You must do it carefully because you don't want to confuse children.

The most important thing that you can tell them is that they are loved and protected. And when they are ready to hear more, you tell them to do everything with love. Love is a great and indispensable essence in everything. Then you tell them about gratitude and respect. Finally tell them to do something fun.

Visualize the next generation earth lived and managed by people who grew up with true sense of life. The world will be a paradise. The earth will shine like never before with love tnat these people emanate. Earth should not be a place to learn destruction and despair. Earth is a place, a very special place, to learn to share and grow, to learn about love and fun. So let's make that happen, shall we?

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