Sending energy to parts of the earth

Good morning everyone. It is important that we send collective energy to some parts of the earth that need extra energy boost. Why don't we start our meeting by doing that? There are several groups from the spirit side who are workin on managing and controling earth's energy. But sometimes their efforts need extra support when a part of the earth rebel against their management. That is when they need a group like us to give them the support they need. Today, the earth is showing some strees at some spots. The stress is caused mostly by humans who reside or do business in the regions. There are 3 areas that are in distress.

The first of such regions is Africa, especially Sudan. The entire continent of Africa has been dealing with people's greed, false power, apathy, hopelessness, powerlessness, and lately an uncontrollably grown ball of greed power has been wanting to have full control of people and resources of the continent. That regions of the earth has received so much damage and the earth itself is tired to the point that it may give up to maintain its original positivity and order. So, let's focus on Sudan, currently the most affected area of the continent.

We will hover over Sudan and use ourselves as an amplifier to increase the universal energy of love and send it down to the area. Let's do it.

With this, we stand up, and instantly we are floating over the African continent. We make a small circle by standing next to each other by leaving a tiny space between each other. I'm already feeling the energy moving around between us.
We raise our arms upward touching and crossing over each other's. And visualize receiving the loving energy from the universe. Almost immediately, we are surrounded by this beautiful, bright, warm, white-yellow light. We are feeling bliss. the light penetrates ourselves and fills our inside as well as wraps around us. Slowly we take small steps as we bring down our arms, still touching, and we stop when the arms are touching each other at wrists.
Suddenly, the beam of energy light shoots downward through the opening in the middle of our circle to the ground. After it hits the ground, it moves outward in ripples until it covers the entire continent. Most of the energy stays on the surface, but some, in tiny streaks, penetrate the surface and move down to the core of the earth and merge with the earth energy.

When the block created by the greed and selfishness of the people is too thick, it's hard for the energy to penetrate it. It stops the energy flow. In the area that hs no problem, the energy from the universe smoothly and effortlessly penetrates through the surface to the core of the earth. We cannot send too much energy at once. It will destroy some of the nature and people because they have never dealt with that big of energy power before. We must be patient and work little at a time. Let's move on to the second region. It's China.

In China, because of the human power generated by the entire population, the earth is overwhelmed. It's not entirely negative power, but their will to change is so strong it's making the collective energy chaotic, without harmony. It's important to bring back order to the energy in China now, otherwise this large energy power will turn suddenly to negative. We must stop that to happen.

We repeated the same procedure over China, over the city of Beijing. The rippled energy reached the Himalayas and parts of India. We then moved to the third region and repeated the procedure there.

The last region is Antarctic. It's one of the most important area for the earth because it maintains the good flow of the magnetic field, but the area's energy has been weakened by the abuse of natural resources in the world. Constant mining of gas, oil and metals throughout the world left voids in earth. When the activities are motivated by greed, the negative energy of greed fills the voids. That's what's happening inside the earth. And all those negative energies are converged in Antarctic. It is polluting the entire continent and shifting the magnetic field vortex. Although the shift is slowly made, when the Antarctic vortex is no longer aligned with the vortex at the north, the magnetic field will be destroyed. We must make certain that it never happens.

The earth is as vulnerable to negative energy as humans are. People just don't realize that because the earth is so big and the effect seems so small. But when the effect reaches the critical point, everything turns around instantly. That will be the end of the earth. It will start the process of self-destruction. We must support the earth to continue a normal, healthy process of evolution to the 4th density. We don't want to see the earth become the second asteroid in the solar system. Let's go back to the table and finish our meeting.

The earth is alive. It is as organic as human beings. Just because people only see the surface of the earth and the size of the planet, it is a hard concept for people to recognize that the earth is alive. The earth reacts to emotions in the same way humans do. That is why it is so important that you peole fill the earth with positive energy. Start taking care of your earth with positive actions with loving, caring, respecting energy. Stop abuse. There is a threshold when you can no longer change anything back and the earth's threshold is near. When the earth reaches the threshold, it has no choice but to walk on a downward spiral to self destruction. We must make a positive move now. We will do our best to give you the accurate and needed information to bring back the earth to its natural, healthy self. You must make physical actions to stop the abuse.

Don't focus on the past. See the future. Step outside of your comfort zone and learn what's available to you. Have courage to make a change. Challenge the old, established concepts that no longer support the progress. You do not need fossil fuel. There are more powerful, effective, affordable energy sources readily available to people. But people will never see that until they get rid of their greed.

Wake up people, there are a lot more beautiful, heartwarming resources available to you. I know it sounds dreamy but it's true. For once, stop being selfish and start seeing things in a big picture. You all are a part of the earth. You were born from the earth. You are all connected. You are the earth. You are the rivers. You are the mountains. You are the neighbor you greet everyday. You are in everything you see. Take care. Really. Love yourself, care yourself, and respect yourself. That's the only healthy way to progress. We'll do everything we can to support the progress. We love you. We are a part of you, too.

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