How do you know if your energy matches with your loved one's?

Good morning. How are you this morning?

Honest answer?

Always be honest to yourself.

I admit to Gabriel that this morning I was feeling a bit gloomy because the man that I love still seems distant. As I have been told by the spirit guides, "When you want something, you really need to know what it is that you want. You must have a clear definition of what you want first" and pursuaded by Gabriel, I tell Gabriel what I want from this man and also tell him that I am not receiving any of what I want from my beloved.

Let's talk further about this subject, shall we? Because so many of you earth people are, for some reason, constantly confused about the relationship between man and woman.

Because of the polarity, you people need to be a couple to reproduce. Both sides instinctively want to choose the best match to produce the best possible offspring. That is why you ask yourself, "Is this person right for me?" In the animal world, they'd go for the strongest who has the best chance of surviving. Because of many social factors that humans created, there are many more aspects that you have to consider when you seek the best partner for you. You want to check if he has money. You want to check if he has education. You want to make sure she's fertile. You want to make sure he's hardworking. And the list goes on. Trust me. There are so many of these questions floating and polluting your air everyday.

But no one seems to care to ask the most important question. "Does his/her energy match mine?" Energy can tell a lot about the person because energy doesn't lie. You only see the truth about the person in the energy. So before you ask all of these nonsense questions, feel the energy of the person first.

But before you do that you have to know what your energy is like. And this is how you find out the character of your energy.
Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing alone with nothing around. Next, think about the most important person in your life. Have him or her stand next to you. Now, tell me what kind of feeling you feel about that person?

It is taking a few moments while I think really hard who it could be. Then I say to Gabriel, "It's myself." And the feeling that I am getting from me is compassion because she doesn't know if she is doing the right thing. She is a bit lost.

All right. Next, think about the most important thing, a material thing for you. What is it? And what do you feel from it?

My most important material thing is notebook and pen. It is a way to express myself. It shows the connection between your world and my world. I can do so much. I feel potential. I feel development. I feel freedom, fantasy, escape, truth, observation, growth, learning, teaching, infinity.

All right. These are the characters of your energy. You have very compassionate energy, as well as the energy that of an explorer. Now you need to know what matches your compassionate energy. Your partner has to have the energy to reciprocate yours. That way you can blend them together and have a good balance. Here is a list of some good matches:
Compassion and Leadership
Determined and Freedom loving
Studious and Nature loving
Immaculate and Mischievous
Hardworking and Artistic
Kind and Protective
Loving to share and Insightful
Dreamy and Innovative
Pure and Pure
Brightness and Brightness
Honest and Supportive
Knowledgeable and Instinctive

When the two energys match and become one balanced energy, the physical unification automatically follows. Then two will be inseparable. That 's all to it. Sometimes the strength of the energy creates the mismatch, too. In that case, you either have to find another person with equal strength of energy or wait until you two have equal strength.

All right then. We'll meet again. Don't worry. Have fun today. Enjoy every moment. We love you.

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