Is it true that your thought becomes reality?

Gabriel is quick to notice that I am not smiling. Again he tells me to be honest and wants to know what's bothering me. I have been writing something nice about the man that I love every day and want to know if this action changes anything between us. Apollo volunteers to lend me his knowledge.

As far as "Your thought becomes reality," it is true. When it happens depends upon the strength of the thought and circumstances. Sometimes you have to wait for some strings to be untangled before your thought is processed. And the speed of the process depends on the strength and honesty of your thought.

Now be patient and listen, dear friend. First of all, you are doing the right thing about expressing positive thoughts about that person every day because who wants to be with you if you are full of negative thoughts? So that part is good. Now what you are expecting as a result of this action may be different from what you wish for.

Again, be patient and listen carefully. When your positive thoughts go out of you and reach the person you are sending to, that person has to be capable to fully receive it. Otherwise it might take a long time for your thoughts to penetrate in to the person. If the person is not ready to receive, you must find out the reason and fix it. The person must be willing to cooperate with you for this process, of course. And if the peson doesn't want to be fixed, you have to leave the person alone at least until the person is willing to be fixed.

Let's stop here. Unless there is a clear difference in energy match, most of the time it's about untangling strings. If you think your energy matchs his, wait until energies can fully express themselves and ready to merge. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes not. There is one thing you can do to speed up the process. Learn it from Magi, your new teacher of manifestation. Learn it well.

Don't think too much about it today. Think about your creativity and do something about it. Have fun. Lots of it. Have fun doing something new and exciting. Explore. There are many undiscovered treasures in the world. Have a great day and believe me, there are many people who have exact same problem that you have now, so you are helping them. We love you as always.

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