Who is contributing to create a monster of apathy, numbness?

Good morning, everyone. Today we have a very imoprtant agenda to discuss. It was brought to us by your grandmother, Kikuko. Let's hear it.

I have been taking care of the lost children for some time. They are the angel spirits who have been sent to the earth with an assignment but came back brokenhearted. Children who are born and die before the age of five are angel spirits sent by us. Their task, during their short stay on the earth, is to teach the family members and peole who are close to them a lesson of love, connection, hope. Those children are usually well attended and cared and create an instant connection filled with compassion and love.

However, lately there are many who lack to have those caring emotions and no capacity and will to deal with the sick child. They, instead, ignore the child or give it away without regret, or even kill the child. This lack of loving and caring quality in those people are a threat for the progress of human beings. It is separating them from us further. The angel spirits who experienced this kind of treatment from the parents are the lost children.

Usually when angel spirits return from the earth, they are still well-connected to us and very aware of what they went to the earth for. They are cheerful and proud that they did a good job on the earth. However, the lost children, when they leave the earth, instead of coming home immediately, linger close to the earth and some wander off. They are overwhelmed with disappointment and shame for not being able to accomplish their assigned task of teaching the lesson of love and caring. Since they are so pure, they don't realize that it wasn't their fault.

We must make sure that this numbness, this apathy will be gone and be replaced by love and caring energy. I'd like your opinions on how to efficiently manage this job. Many angel spirits are discouraged by this awful situation.

Certainly those child spirits are so pure and full of energy and pride to do the task on earth. They are born with genetic diseases or other permanent and terminal problems and cannot live long. Some leave by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or accidents. Their whole purpose of being born to the earth is to give as much love as possible to the parents while they are alive and awaken them and others who are close to the child to have more of the important qualityes such as love, care, compassion, selflessness, doing their best, have hope, appreciation, and respect. In fact, the child leaves such a strong impact on them, the event of the child's death changes their life completely. They become advocates of those beautiful qualities and become teachers to other people.

So what can we do to educate those with apathy and numbness? What's affecting them? How do we cure them? Well, here is what's affecting them.

Certainly lack of education about life is a major factor. They do not know they are living with a purpose. They have been taught many things by many different people and some are conflicting. They are confused. Also, they haven't received enough education about love, care, respect and other good quality emotions. If you don't know what it is like to have those emotions, how can they express them? They lack of connection in the spiritual level. They don't know how to connect and share. They remain isolated. Their only connection is physical without emotion. They don't feel anything. Their heart is blocked to the point not even an angel cannot touch it.

We have more of these peole in the well-developed, wealthy, civilized, cultured area of the earth. Why is it? Why went wrong with civilization?

This is a homework for you, earth peole. Look at people around you. Look at people outside of your world. Know the people in other parts of the country, other parts of the world. Learn from eath other. How are they living their lives? What is important for them? Is it the earth? Is it children? Is it health? Is it having money? Is it having a big, fast car? Is it having more toys? Is it giving more toys to children? Is it fighting for a pair of the newest style shoes? Is it winning in a TV game competition? Is it lanting more trees? Is it completing cloning study so you can be a new creator? Is it making sure everybody on earth has access to clean water? Is it going to the best school? Is it helping each other? Is it dining out at a trendy restaurant every night? Is it how big you
r diamond is? Is it how you look to others?

Ask as many questions as possible. Think hard. Find your value after gathering the answers. Then ask one more question. Is my vlue contributing to the creation of this monster of apathy and numbness?

We love you people of the earth, every single one of you. And we are always with you.

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