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Everyone who lives on the earth has some spirit guides workiing with him, protecting him, and guiding him. Everyone has his own main spirit guide who stay with him from birth to death, and at least one teaching guide who comes to him when he needs a certain special guidance.

The guides could be entities such as angels who never experienced a life on earth, or could be your blood related relatives who passed away years ago, or could be someone who lived or could be aliens from other planets and time.

Your main guide works with you before you are born when you have to choose your life lesson. Your main guide oversees your life plan and after you are born, the guide makes sure that you won't get too far off your main path. My main guide is named Mary and here is how I got to know her.

"Conversation with Mary"

Your teaching guides change from time to time depending upon the lesson you are learning at a particular time. Usually there is at least one who are in charge of your occupation. And there is one who is in charge of your personal life. If you are learning a piano, you can ask for the piano teaching guide to work with you. If you want to be a better baseball player, you can ask for the baseball guide. The most suitable teaching guide will come to you when you ask for one. Believe it.

I have four very close teaching guides now with me. They are:
Dr. Okamoto

Although you have guides with you all the time, if you don't acknowledge their existence, or if you keep ignoring their signs, they will eventually stop contacting you. You don't have to hear their voice or see them to know that they are there for you. How they contact you is to use what's around you naturally. For example, if you love reading books, they make sure you will get the book that has an answer to your question. You either find the book at a bookstore or your friend happen to give you the book. However and whatever they can, they will find a way to get the book to you. If you listen to the radio all the time, they make sure you hear something you need to hear on the radio.

Signs from your guides are everywhere around you. Next time when you ask a question, and if you somehow receive an answer, just think about your guides. Most likely it's them who worked to get you the answer. So, give them a quick thank you. They will make sure they will send you more signs.

Guides sometimes announce their presence in your dream. If you receive a name in your dream, often times it's your new guide telling you that he or she is assigned to you.

If you want to know more about your guides, to know their names or to see what they look like, the best way is through meditation. There are many books and CD's to offer how to do it, and this is how I contact my guides:

"Meeting your guide"

Your guides work day and night for you. Once you get to know your guides and start working with them, you will feel much better about living life. You are never alone. There are someone whom you can completely depend upon and trust right with you all the time. They will never misguide you.

But there is one rule. When you ask your guide a question, and if you receive an answer, act upon it. For example, if you have a weak but persisting lower back pain, and you wonder if there anything you can do to get rid of it. Then you happen to see the informacial of an ab machine on TV. Then your friend tells you that she started doing some sit ups daily. Then you read an article on the paper stating that strengthening abdominal muscle works to ease the back pain. When you experience a series of coincidences like this, you ought to know that it's your guides sending these signs. Now you know what to do to ease the pain. You have to work on your abdominal muscle. But if you acknowledge the signs and don't do anything about it, it not only disappoints your guides, but if you continue ignoring their answers to your questions, they will stop sending you signs because they know you won't do anything about it.

So, if you ask for their advise, and when you receive it, follow it. That way you are showing that you trust them. Your guides love you unconditionally. They trust you and respect you, too. If you can return the same to them, your relationship with them will be ideal.

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